We’re Cook & James, the Pioneers of
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After 18 years and over 400,000 successful closings, our shared vision of a different kind of law firm is alive and well and we rock it every day.

Cook & James has you covered in attorney states:
Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina,Connecticut

If you are located in any of the following states:
Colorado, Arizona, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, District of Columbia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island or Wisconsin you can also reach out to our affiliated company, Hera Title.

We love working with real estate brokers and agents, lenders, buyers, sellers and other title companies (pinky swear)

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working with us.

I would highly recommend Chuck Biskobing as the attorney for all your purchase and refinance closings.  Chuck is ALWAYS available for questions and any issues that may arise.  He and his staff work tirelessly to make sure closings close on time and  in a smooth manner. Even if you need to make the closing remote, out of the attorney’s office, they are on it and make it happen! Chuck is  beyond fair with anything that may come up, no matter where the fault may lay, Chuck will make it right and is always dependable!

Dan W

I  highly recommend Cook & James, LLC. They are efficient and on top  of things. Their communication is great through out the entire process. Bonnie  is professional first but she’s also personable and funny. My last  clients that I worked with to sell their home and buy their next home  said as we were leaving the closing, that they wished we had used Bonnie  for their first closing. All my clients tell me how much they love her.  Call Cook & James. Ask for Bonnie!

Lisa B

I  love closing with Cook & James! The communication is excellent and  Bonnie makes every closing fun.

Laura B

I can’t say enough good things about the service, professionalism,  knowledge and attention to detail my clients’ have received when closing  their homes with Cook and James. As a realtor it’s important to me to  work with an attorney who can respond quickly when issues or questions  when they arise and, if necessary, can provide additional insight into  challenging situations. I must say that Bonnie Timms will go above and  beyond to get me whatever information I need and is always very  accessible and flexible. If I have a client purchasing or selling a home  that’s not convenient to one of the Cook and James locations Bonnie  will gladly perform the closing at a location that’s convenient for the  client, just one more example of how they put the needs of the clients  as top priority. I truly appreciate the level of service Cook and James  provides throughout the entire process from the time the client goes  under contract through the day of closing

Rebecca C

We  closed with Bonnie Timms, Cook & James and it was nothing short of  an outstanding experience. Bonnie was very proficient and professional, I  highly recommend working with her. Oh, it was also a mobile closing.  Can’t get no better than that!

Al H

Cook  and James made sure my closing went smoothly from start to finish. The  whole staff had great communication and were nothing but efficient.  Great swag too!

Sean R

Cook  and James have great people, superb communication, and awesome customer  service. What more could you want out of your real estate law firm?

Sydney G

Closing  with Cook and James is a pleasure each and every time. They not only  take care of me as an agent, but they make sure to take care of my  client(s).

Zach L

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