History is full of feisty female duos that team up and take on the world... Thelma & Louise... Cagney & Lacey... Salt-N-Pepa... you get the gist.

But, none of them pair up quite like Kara & Heather

It seems that only fate could have brought this dynamic duo together in 2005 when Heather hired Kara as her legal intern. After forming an immediate bond over the frustrations of their previous jobs, they made the iconic revelation that the only way to have a “dream practice” like the ones they’d envisioned was to create it themselves.
And so, now 18 years later, Kara and Heather have successfully assembled a team of amazing attorneys, paralegals, and many other wonderful people working behind-the-scenes magic to build the Cook & James name. Their shared vision of a ‘different kind of law firm’ is alive and well and it is evident in the success and satisfaction that’s achieved everyday.
In those 18 years, filled with successes as well as failures, they have accumulated enough experience and built a phenomenal team to be able to confidently claim they can handle just about everything while providing a wide range of
solutions to their clients.
Kara Cook

Kara Cook



Graduated University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism and Spanish

Graduated Georgia State University College of Law, Doctor of Law (J.D.)

Member of the Moot Court team at Georgia State University

Won the John J. Gibbons National Criminal Procedure Moot Court competition

Admitted to the State Bar of Georgia

Member of the Real Property Section and Young Lawyers Division

Founded Cook & James

Used to put double spaces after every sentence but claims "those days are behind me now"

Heather James

Heather James



Graduated Auburn University, Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics

Graduated Mercer Law School, Doctor of Law (J.D.)

Admitted to the State Bar of Georgia

Member of the Real Property Section and the Privacy and Technology Section

Founded Cook & James

Will randomly shout “WAR EAGLE” at you

Considers reading as her true Olympic talent and believes she could bring home the gold for the USA

Chuck Biskobing

Chuck Biskobing

Senior Attorney


Graduated University of Georgia, BBA, Magna Cum Laude

Graduated University of Georgia School of Law, Doctor of Law (J.D.)

Received Attorney’s Title Guarantee Fund Award for Excellence in the Study of Real Estate Law

Licensed to practice in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Connecticut

Agent for WFG National Title Insurance Company

Avid outdoor adventurist who once took a five-month hiatus to hike the entire 2,189 miles of the Appalachian Trail

Sherri Lee Steiner - Stewart

Sherri Lee Steiner - Stewart



Born & raised in NY

Graduated from Mercy College (undergrad) and Graduated from Brooklyn Law School

Started with Cook & James as a contracted closing attorney in 2014. Then in 2020 was brought on board as C&J’s NY in-house Attorney

Majority of her 30+ years practicing law has centered on residential real estate transactions

Member of NYSBA

Still can’t believe she has two grandchildren

Sarah Stitgen

Sarah Stitgen



Graduated Kennesaw State University, Public and Social Services Degree

Graduated Kennesaw State University, Masters Degree in Public Administration

Graduated John Marshal Law School. Doctor of Law (J.D.)

Declares that in her next life she wants to be a stand up comedian

Bonnie Timms

Bonnie Timms



From Powder Springs, GA

Graduated from Mercer University with a degree in Communication in 2001

Graduated from Mercer Law in 2004

Lives in Roswell, GA

Starred as a principal performer in a Six Flags commercial for Acrophobia back in the day (circa 2000), but now must lay down for 30 minutes after riding amusement park thrill rides

Marvin Bushey

Marvin Bushey

Vice President of Technology


Graduated University of Georgia, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Develops various IT policies and procedures for C&J

A beach bum at heart

When all of the technology and devices are humming along just fine at Cook & James, Marvin sits back in his office chair and daydreams about sailing trips around the Caribbean, scuba diving and playing on the beach with his family

Richard Staniszewski

Richard Staniszewski

Vice President of Client Success


U.S. Navy Veteran

Champion problem solver

Has two mantras: “Don’t get any mud in your mouth,” which gets him through the Tough Mudder race every year, and “the right things, the right way, right now.”

Jamie DiGregory

Jamie DiGregory

Director of Operations


Has worked in the real estate and mortgage industry for over 20 years

Been with C&J for 10 of those years

Registered notary in PA and conducted purchase closings

Bleeds (C&J) purple

Dedicated to brainstorming ways that the C&J team can work smarter, not harder

Loves being a mom and wife! Spending time with her family is Jamie’s favorite thing to do

Unlike Kara, Jamie still puts double spaces after every sentence and can’t stop

At the forefront of your every experience with Cook & James you'll come face to face (or face to sticker) with one of our lucky 13 canons:

Have integrity - we practice what we preach.

Be kind, you get more flies with honey.

Be positive 'cause can't never could.

Have initiative and take the bull by the horns...

...but do it right, hit the nail on the head.

Be creative, as there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Don't waste time on excuses and focus on getting it done...

...and with accountability. The buck stops with us.

Be smart, double-check, learn from your mistakes (and use spellchecking)...

...and triple check.
Devil is in the details and contracts have plenty.

Evolve, stay on top of industry trends and tech.

Go above and beyond - swing for the fences for your clients.

Stay humble.