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The Reel Routine

Since Cook & James’ inception in 2006, Heather and Kara have made it their mission to showcase their lighthearted personalities in both the way they do business and the way they lead their firm. Over the years their ability to share glimpses of themselves and earn the trust of their clients and team alike has evolved; what was once a face-to-face meeting in Roswell or the pioneered at-home closing location of your choice has become something entirely new. The same keys from 2006 could not open the same doors in 2023, and luckily for us in this digital world we are able to continue their efforts through the use of Instagram Reels. 

At the forefront of every marketing initiative at C&J, we focus on expressing the ways in which Cook & James is different from the other real estate law firms in Georgia, South Carolina, and Connecticut. Through these Reels, our audience truly gets a sense of who Heather and Kara are: their senses of humor, passions, and expertise. We’re given the opportunity to show our clients that we don’t just say we are the “fun law firm,” but here’s the video proof to (further) support our claims. We get the job done, come hell or high water, but we require fun to be had by all along the way. 

Whether it's a CPI breakdown with Heather, a play-by-play with Kara on the Super Bowl and wire fraud, or attorney tips from Bonnie, Chuck, and Sarah, our loyal followers are able to receive messages that come directly from the people who personify C&J instantaneously and without ever stepping foot in our office. The exposure and messaging we are able to provide our current and future clients through social media and Reels is invaluable and it directly supports the mission of being authentic and intentional that Heather and Kara defined 17 years ago.

Between weekly brainstorming sessions and extensive Reel-research, we are able to hit the ground running as we film and edit content that we feel gives our audience a true sense of who we are at Cook & James (and laughing at ourselves along the way.) A Cook & James closing is a unique and memorable experience and our goal this year is to give our viewers a truer sense of the people behind the closing. The devil is in the details in everything we do at C&J and the same goes for every video we publish on Instagram. We hope you’ll follow along on our journey as we continue to keep it Reel on social media and beyond.