Highlighting the Heart Behind Our Business

At the heart of every successful business are the people who make it run (and fun). Our employees are the driving force behind the quality service we provide our clients, and their hard work and dedication are often the key to our success. While we curate expert commentary, opinion, and thought leadership on this blog, we also want to use it to share good news and shout outs, so we created an ongoing series to showcase some of our fabulous team members. Today, we’d like you to meet attorney Bonnie Timms.

Bonnie has been an attorney with Cook & James for five years. In her role, Bonnie not only goes above and beyond with new and existing clients to meet their closing needs, but she also helps develop new business. A C&J closing with Bonnie is always efficient, informative, and fun; Bonnie also leads engaging CE Classes covering vital real estate topics.

When asked about her favorite aspect of the job, Bonnie said that she really loves her team at C&J, and feels that the leadership here inspires the team to be the best versions of themselves. She also loves the fact that she gets to interact with really fun and interesting people on a daily basis. Bonnie has so many stories to tell about the unique experiences she has had along the way, and she reflects fondly on all of her closings! Bonnie feels especially happy to complete a closing for grateful clients who appreciate all that C&J does for them. Although her successful closings are close second place for her favorite memory at C&J, winning the “Ugliest Tacky Sweater” award at the firm’s annual holiday party takes the cake, and it is an honor she wears proudly. 

Bonnie is from Powder Springs, but grew up in North Georgia (where they filmed Deliverance,) which she gives credit for her distinct southern accent. Long before she found her way to C&J, Bonnie worked in a cannery that, in her words, “was not pretty,” and quickly led to her decision to attend law school. When Bonnie is not closing deals in high heels, her coined slogan, she is spending time with her son and embarking on many travel adventures. 

Bonnie is a loyal friend, a trusted expert, and a loving mother. Adored by all who meet her and a true joy to be around. Join us in celebrating our very amazing Bonnie Timms in this well deserved Employee Spotlight! For more information on attending her CE Classes or closing with Bonnie, reach out to our office via phone at 404-704-0440, or via email at close@cookandjames.com