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Employee Spotlight – Devin Kirkland

While we curate expert commentary, opinion and thought leadership on this blog, we also want to use it to share good news and shout outs, so we created an ongoing series to showcase some our fabulous team members. Employee Spotlight may recognize a recent professional win, an unexpected kindness shown, a remarkable personal feat…really anything to help you become better acquainted with our excellent and valuable employees. We began by profiling Jamie DiGregory then introduced you to Kristin Pook and Ann Zdilla. Today, we’d like you to meet Operations Manager Devin Kirkland.

Devin is not a fan of losing - at anything - so of course we wanted him on the Cook & James team.

He played offensive tackle for Aliquippa High School in Pennsylvania and quips it’s the “most famous, not famous place you’ll ever know,” being home to sports and pop culture legends including Mike Ditka, Darrelle Revis, Pistol Pete Maravitch, Madonna and Henry Mancini of Pink Panther fame. Devin went on to play in bowl games at West Virginia University and a semi-national championship at Cal U, California University of Pennsylvania, the state school where he earned his degree.

“I’ve played well over 100 football games and probably only lost six or eight of them, so, yeah, I like winning,” Devin said. “I sensed from the start that Cook & James was a winning team. Although our first contact was so out-of-the-blue and I wasn’t entirely sure it wasn’t a scam, I honestly believe it was a God-given situation that I landed at C&J. It’s been so easy to trust Heather and Kara and I’ve sharpened my soft skills and business acumen so tremendously by being on this team.”

It’s been nearly 10 years ago now that Heather found Devin’s resume on Monster and contacted him. Coincidentally, he already had a position lined up with Bank of America and was supposed to start the next week. So, it was definitely fortuitous timing that we found him in that pocket between jobs and intercepted him. We’re sure glad he decided to join our team and take on a new playbook.

With experience at a title company prior to coming to us, Devin brings deep knowledge of closings from a variety of angles. From managing the scheduling team to strong, authentic relationships with clients and attorneys, Devin wears many hats as operations manager and can juggle, support and problem solve to find a solution for any challenge thrown at him.

"Devin is my cool as a cucumber manager,” said Brook Zink, our VP of operations and Devin’s supervisor. “No matter what happens and how crazy things get, I know he will keep his cool and accomplish whatever needs to be done, quickly and efficiently. All the while keeping everyone happy and completely unaware of the potential difficulty and complexity of the task. Devin’s patience is seemingly endless."