Cooking Up Fun at Leaning Ladder: Out & About with C&J

Cook & James, your local real estate law firm, recently hosted a cooking class at Leaning Ladder in Woodstock. We had an absolute blast whipping up a tasty three course Italian meal! Aprons tied, chef hats on, and a group of real estate and legal pros ready to get cooking.

The menu was a mouthwatering mix of simplicity and flavor. We started with an Arugula Salad topped with apple slices and hazelnuts – fresh, crisp, and so delicious. As we chopped and tossed, the kitchen filled with laughter and chatter.

Next up, we tackled the main course: Fettuccine Amatriciana, a classic Italian favorite. Think pancetta, tomatoes, onions, and a rich red wine sauce – hearty and satisfying. We may not be professional chefs, but we sure felt like pros as the smell of sautéed goodness filled the kitchen. 

And let's not forget dessert! Our Raspberry Ricotta Cake was the perfect sweet ending to our meal. Moist, fluffy, and bursting with flavor – it was a hit with everyone at the table.

But beyond the food, the best part of the evening was connecting with our realtor friends and colleagues. Between bites, we shared stories, caught up on life, and strengthened our bonds as a community.

Looking ahead, Cook & James continues to be committed to serving our clients with excellence in all aspects of real estate law. Whether you're buying, selling, refinancing or just need some legal advice, our experienced team is here to help.

And for those looking for more than just legal expertise, stay tuned for more exciting events – because at Cook & James, we're not just about closing deals, we're about building relationships and having a good time along the way.

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