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History is full of feisty female duos that team up and take on the world... Thelma & Louise... Cagney & Lacey... Salt-N-Pepa... you get the gist.

But none of them pair up quite like Kara & Heather. It is hard to say one name without the other. And it’s quite possible that more than a few clients aren't quite sure which is which, but that’s okay.


Fate brought these two women together in 2005, when Heather hired Kara as her legal intern. They immediately hit it off and bonded over the frustrations they were having in their jobs. It became quickly apparent that the only way to have a “dream” practice like the one they envisioned was to create it themselves. And let's be honest, back then they were too young and gung-ho to realize what a crazy crackpot idea that was.

But…. fast forward more than a decade later, and these two have successfully helmed over 120,000 closings across four states (along with a whole lot of help from their amazing staff) and built many lasting client relationships along the way. Their shared vision of a different kind of law firm is alive and well and they rock it every day.

When you start from scratch and do everything yourself, you appreciate the time and energy required. So, the family at Cook & James has every right to be proud of the impeccable reputation they have built by being the best in the business. In fact, high fives are a daily occurrence around the office.

Clients will attest that, not only is Cook & James on top of their game, but they’re also a blast to work with. So give them a try. Once you do, you’ll wish everything in life was this awesome.


As much as we like to attribute our success to the fact that we’re just awesome ladies, we’re also very aware that it’s the people and the culture of Cook & James that make up our “secret sauce.” Here are a few of our Canons that are ingrained in everything we do, from internal interactions to client relationships:


Practice What You Preach


You Catch More Flies with Honey


There's More Than One Way to Skin a Cat


Come Hell or High Water


The Buck Stops Here


swing for the fences


The people