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Super easy.

It’s the future of closings.


We get it. Everyone’s busy. Job stuff. Family stuff. Personal stuff. So, the thought of fighting rush hour traffic just to go sit in a stodgy law office for a few hours has absolutely zero appeal to anyone.


Being natural fixers, we decided to “disrupt” the closing process.


In our fast-paced world, the Blockbusters get replaced by Netflix and retail stores get killed by Amazon. Grocery stores even have to offer delivery if they want to succeed. We realized in order to stand out from our competition, we needed to evolve in the same way – to treat your time as more valuable than ours. That’s why we decided to bring the closing to you.


No, really. That’s what we do. We come to you! It doesn’t matter if it is at home, at your office or even at your favorite happy hour spot.  As long as we have access to a power outlet and a cell signal, we’re good to go. 


The unprecedented convenience factor at Cook & James keeps you from missing work or scrambling to find a babysitter. And this lets us get out of the office and meet awesome people like you. It’s a win-win!


In addition to saving you valuable time, there are plenty of other reasons why we’re super convenient (and overall just tremendous) to work with:


  • We apply the Golden Rule. We treat everyone the way we want to be treated at each and every interaction. Your customer experience is our main priority.
  • We minimize any drama. We come fully equipped to handle any last-minute issues that may arise.
  • We keep everything transparent. Our collaboration portal gives you as much (or as little) up-to-date information as you want about your closing in real time. We also communicate with you in your preferred format - text, email, app or phone.
  • We stay cutting edge in the e-world. We embrace and use today’s technology as much as allowed in your jurisdiction.  We are not afraid of the future. We are prepared for it.

The future of closings never looked so bright. Call us and see how At-Home can work for you.