Image of our Employee Spotlight Alanna

Employee Spotlight – Alanna Clymer

While we curate expert commentary, opinion, and thought leadership on this blog, we also want to use it to share good news and shout outs, so we created an ongoing series to showcase some of our fabulous team members. Today, we’d like you to meet Post Closing Lead Alanna Clymer.

Alanna has been with Cook & James for a year and a half and has already earned her leadership position as Post Closing Team Lead, which is her proudest moment at C&J to date. In her role, Alanna wears many hats, but is mainly responsible for monitoring the day to day post-closing functions as well as assisting with all post closing issues or matters; it is Alanna’s job to ensure that the post closing process flows smoothly and accurately.

When asked about her favorite aspect of the job, Alanna said that she loves that no two files are the same and she enjoys the problem solving that comes with each transaction at C&J. It is her mission to lead her team to success by teaching them the necessary tools to do their work effectively, accurately and efficiently. Admittedly, Alanna is most embarrassed at work when she sends an email that reads, “see attached document,” and forgets to attach said document, but we are all only human.

Alanna loves her work family and enjoys participating in the many internal C&J initiatives that encourage team bonding through fun competitions, giveaways, and more. Alanna is known to be the laughter-generator in the C&J Slack channel and is always sending funny images, jokes, or memes to brighten everyone’s workday. So much so that when asked to describe Alanna in just three words, funny was number one (followed by creative and kind which are also very true). Of course, when it is time to “get serious” (as Alanna likes to say), she works tirelessly to ensure her post-closing machine is well oiled.

Since Alanna’s commute to and from our office in Woodstock is over an hour, she utilizes her me-time by listening to her favorite music. While Alanna loves working with C&J, her favorite job is being a mom to her two beautiful girls, and she enjoys all of the laughter, love, and fun moments with her family. In the quiet moments in between, Alanna channels her creative side by drawing, painting in watercolor, sewing, and doodling whenever she feels inspired. If she hadn’t found her way to C&J, Alanna is convinced that she would make a career out of digging in the dirt as an archaeologist or creating something from scratch. Whether it’s a closing file or watercolor canvas, Alanna gives every project her all; Alanna Clymer is a dedicated employee, mom, wife, and friend to all of those who love her, and the team at C&J is lucky to have her.