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Not all real estate transactions are the same.

Each one has to factor in your unique needs, your closing attorney’s experience and, above all, the law.

The challenge is finding the closing solution that’s just right for you.

Luckily, we specialize in personalized solutions for purchases, refinances and other services related to your transaction.



We get it. There are many options out there when shopping around for a closing attorney. But work with us and we’ll show you just how perfect a closing experience can be. You’ll love our flexibility, our vast knowledge and experience and our competitive fees. Most importantly, you’ll marvel at how expertly we handle each and every transaction with which we are entrusted.



We embrace technology:

When you work with us, you are working with the latest and greatest in closing technology. It is our mantra to harness the high tech whenever possible to deliver the most efficient, consistent and reliable solution to your closing. We’ve developed our own proprietary software to help manage our files as well as communicate easily and securely with clients and other systems. This way our amazing staff gets to spend time doing things that humans need to do and our robots can handle the no-brainers. We are also on the forefront of e-closing technology and are currently working with the state bars and legislatures to expand this solution in all of our covered states.


WE'RE REAL PEOPLE: (Lawyers are real people too.)

Our amazing staff is always there to provide the hands-on expertise required in our demanding and competitive industry. Every member of our staff is someone we’ve carefully vetted to be on our team, not only because of their expertise but because they are warm, genuine people who truly want to help our clients. Always feel free to ask questions or ask for help during your transaction – that’s what we’re here for. 


We don’t waste your time:

It’s a closing - there will always be stacks of paperwork. But through the use of our technology and staff we offer what we call “greased lightning” (rapid order processing), which means our turn-around times are insanely fast compared to other firms.


We come to you whenever, wherever: 

Close anytime, anywhere. No really. We just need a live power outlet and a cell phone signal. We offer extended closing hours and locations in each of our covered states to give you ultimate control and the best possible access to all our services.



Purchase Closings

We’ll work with you to develop a purchase closing solution that makes sense for your operation. From title to recording, we’ll hammer out a solution that meets your needs. You will find working with us is a breath of fresh air and that’s why we are fast becoming one of the most preferred closing firms in Connecticut, Georgia, New York and South Carolina. (North Carolina coming soon – stay tuned!) 


Refinance Mortgage Closings

Our innovative approach can help you realize your own potential in the refinance boom of recent years. No matter how big your workload is, our vast network of attorneys in Connecticut, Georgia, New York and South Carolina can easily handle all of your volume requirements. We hold our strong network of experienced attorneys to rigorous standards and our knowledgeable staff backs them every step of the way to ensure an amazing customer experience for you.


Individual Service Solutions

We recognize your business requirements can vary from a single need to a suite of services. Whether you need an attorney title opinion or a document prepared and recorded, we’ve got you covered. We’re willing to unbundle our services to offer you the most targeted approach to meet your needs.  In this demanding industry, we can scale our solutions for small clients as well as handle large volume requests.

Some of the individualized services we provide: 

  • Title Work

  • Power of Attorney

  • Document Preparation

  • Affidavits

  • Deed Preparation

  • Recording

  • Closing Representation

  • Curative title work

  • Settlement and Disbursement Services

  • Release Preparation


Corporate Relocation Services

We understand that a corporate relocation is a unique type of closing and we appreciate the dynamics and the perspective involved. The corporate client wants to maintain the employee’s efficiency during the transition and the employee is concerned about how the change will affect their family. We deliver on expectations for both sides of the relocation through prompt communication, a friendly staff and flexibility of signing times and locations. Our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible for everyone involved.