Development Projects around Metro Atlanta


Lots of changes are being made to the Metro Atlanta Area and I want to highlight a few of the projects to keep an eye on as you search for the perfect homes for your clients. It’s important to think ahead of what the neighborhood is like now to what the neighborhood will be like in a few years for your clients. Cities that were once lightly populated are now planning developments to accommodate the influx of people flocking to the Atlanta area from all over the globe. With booming industries from tech to film, it’s a no-brainer why so many are rushing to the ‘Hollywood of the South’.

Holly Springs Town Center

Holly Springs is located North of Atlanta and nestled between the cities of Woodstock and Canton. I would certainly consider it the forgotten middle child of the North Metro area, and I say that as someone who has a deep appreciation for the city. If dense forests and foggy mornings are your preferred aesthetic, then Holly Springs is the city for you! Estimated to be completed by the Fall of 2023, the Holly Springs Town Center project reminds me of a more spacious and wooded Avalon. With Avalon being such a huge success, I am excited to see such a project being incorporated into one of my favorite Georgia cities. The plans for the Town Center feature an amphitheater, a new City Hall overlooking an art lawn, condos above retail spaces, active adult residential units, and more! This is an excellent city to point clients looking to move to an up-and-coming area outside of the hustle and bustle of Atlanta.

The Distillery of Modern Art

Intrigued? You should be! Look out for Chamblee because this project combines booze and art to include a craft distillery, art exhibit featuring local artists, a tasting room with a bar and event space. Chamblee is located in northern Dekalb County between Brookhaven and Doraville. The distillery will initially focus on gin and vodka, then it plans to branch out into American whiskeys and liqueurs. This project, with an estimated completion of Fall 2019, is designed by BoggsVickers Architects who wanted the building to be a piece of art in itself. BoggsVickers is a forward-thinking architectural firm focusing on creating functional spaces through innovative design. By designing a building that changes in form from day to night, the building poetically reflects its artful function. If you have buyers looking for an eclectic city that has a modern flair with a vintage feel, then Chamblee could be the next target for their dream home.

The Kendeda Building for Innovative Design at Georgia Tech

As Atlanta’s industries continue to progress, so does the importance of modern and sustainable design. This building, which is projected to be finished in the summer of 2019, is the first ‘Living Building’ in Atlanta. The goal of this project is to push building design in the direction of sustainability and green living. Having buildings that generate more energy than they use, collect rainwater and provide a comfortable interior environment during every season is a huge challenge in a Southeastern climate. With the introduction of this type of design to Atlanta, be prepared for the types of home buyers relocating to the city in search of greener living in a city that is far more affordable than other hubs like Chicago, San Francisco, and New York.

Whether it’s a new “live, work, play” center for a small town, a green building at one of Georgia’s most valued universities or a contemporary twist on a distillery, the Atlanta development projects are paving the roads for the future of real estate. Make the most of this innovative time in the building industry to meet and exceed the needs of your clients!

MarketingMary Jackson