Real Estate Marketing Tools: BombBomb


In keeping up with the Kardashians…whoops, I meant the latest and greatest’s time to see what new marketing technology is trending for real estate professionals. I came across this company called BombBomb (no, really, that’s their name!) that allows small businesses to use video email marketing. Yes, I know, we talk about the importance of video marketing all the time--and we do that because it’s true!

The real estate industry is flooded with agents and Realtors® racing to capture every lead. So, how can you rise above the waves? Video marketing. Here are a few reasons to give video email marketing a try:

Personalize Your Emails

The real estate industry is incredibly personal--you’re helping someone make one of the biggest decisions of their life! With attention spans being low and everyone’s inboxes getting stuffed with newsletters and promotions, inserting videos into your emails can more effectively capture the attention of potential clients. By using BombBomb, clients can feel as if they’re having a conversation with you in real-time without the time and coordination that goes into a one-on-one meeting or phone call.

Control Who Sees You

If having a YouTube channel with videos of yourself on display for everyone to see isn’t your thing, then video email marketing is a creative alternative. You control who gets to see your smiling face since your emails will go out to your own client list.

Save Time

Think about how long it takes to write out a newsletter or real estate marketing email. If you’re like me, you spend just as much time anxiously editing and revising your writing as you do just getting the words on the screen. If you dread the process of putting your thoughts into eloquent, grammatically sound and compelling sentences, then this could change your entire marketing strategy. Marketing should be fun and creative--not forced or boring! Clients can totally tell when you aren’t enthusiastic about marketing your real estate services.

Okay cool...So, how much does this cost?

Some marketing tools can break your wallet, but this tool is moderately priced for its function. BombBomb pricing starts at $49/month. If you don’t want to commit to a full month, then you can sign up for a free trial and you won’t have to give them any credit card information to do so! No one enjoys checking their bank account to find a charge for the free trial they forgot to cancel.

The Cook & James Growth marketing team stays up-to-date on the latest real estate marketing trends to ensure that the agents we interact with can grow their businesses. Give BombBomb a try and let us know what you think!

MarketingHeather James