Home Decor: Unique 2019 Trends Your Clients will Love


Since most real estate professionals also have interest in home decor (especially if you’re trying to get a client’s home sold), I’d like to highlight some of my favorite trends so far this year. Whether you are a staging expert or just trying to get up-to-speed on what is popular on the creative side of the real estate industry, these 2019 trends will make you do a double-take.


Being a huge fan of the plant, I was delighted to read Realtor.com’s article on Bamboo in home design and decor!

(Fun facts: A bamboo tree takes 3 years to reach “adulthood”, while most trees take anywhere from 15 years to 30 years to grow to full size.)

A small bamboo plant can add a natural pop of color to a plain living space or give a spa-like feel to a bathroom. Bamboo can even be used for floors and walls! I never saw bamboo floors before reading the article and, I must say, the light-colored floorboards really brighten up a room. In a sea of laminate and oak variations, having beautiful bamboo floors can be a unique selling point in a real estate listing.

Floating Shelves

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Sounds mystical, right? I think these floating shelves keep a wall looking clean and modern compared to the cluttered look older shelves have with mounting parts sticking out like sore thumbs. With the increasing popularity of the mid-century modern style, floating shelves can increase a home’s appeal to buyers.

Agate Wallpaper

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I couldn’t resist throwing this interesting trend in! Though I have never been a huge fan of wallpaper, this is such a cool idea and you can find a bunch of beautiful decor ideas for agate wallpaper online. Wallpaper is always going to be subjective, but it’s nice to see a fresh theme compared to the classic flowers and stripes I grew up around.

Being the real estate expert that I know you are, what do you think of these trends? Do you think they appeal to your clientele? Are you adding a bamboo matt to your Amazon cart right now or giving it the classic Simon Cowell reaction?

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